About Scott

About Scott

In the late nineties Scott left the business world to answer a spiritual calling. In time the wisdom of having traveled such a path led him to become known by many as a spiritual way-shower and also sought after as a healer and spiritual coach/counselor. He has written four books under the pen name Scott Elliott and continues to host spiritual workshops and meditation groups as well as maintaining an active Interfaith ministry performing weddings, memorials/funerals and baby blessings.

After a successful career in aviation, at forty two years old, Scott was at a life altering crossroads. His life was unraveling in bankruptcy and divorce, and at the doorstep, a young loved one was losing their life to leukemia…

Like many of us would do, day after day he prayed, pleading to God for help and understanding. “Why is this happening,” he asked, “what is your design for us in this world? And what is this haunting feeling I keep having that there’s something important I came here to do and I’m not doing it?”

Even thought he’d had what some called ESP since childhood, what happened next would change the course of his life… Out of the silence an undeniable, yet gentle voice spoke into his mind, asking this simple question, “Are you ready now?”

This is no subtle inspiration, he thought to himself, nor a vision, or an intuitive insight like before… The answer to my prayer is a question? But why? Could it really be God? And if it is, how can I not answer that calling?

After days of deep contemplation, he answered yes, saying he was ready to understand how this world works, who we are, why we are here and what the haunting calling was that he’d been feeling… He then stated that he would only allow himself to be guided by God, by Jesus and the angels and guides that resonate at that level of divine grace.

From that moment on, there was a huge shift in everything he perceived. It was as if a switch had been thrown that allowed him to be a witness to a much broader plane of our existence and our relationship with God and other spheres of consciousness. Feeling compelled to move into the heart of what some would call an awakening, he invited the guidance of God and God’s messengers to show him the way forward.

At that, his life turned upside down. His clairvoyant abilities became so intensely magnified that it very quickly became a path of blind faith, one that would cause him to have doubts and fears about having such abilities. Yet he felt compelled from within to continue onward, determined to follow the calling and allow his life to be reshaped by what he knew to be the wisdom of God, Jesus and the angels…

In order to discern his own thoughts from that of guidance, he began recording the messages in journals that he later would call Whisperings. Through them, he was told that he was one of many Light Bearer’s that would bring Light into the world through their unique gifts. His was to bring healing and awakening energies to the masses through inspirational books, stories, and personal presentations, helping people see through the illusion of separation from God and life overall.

Only through dedication to walking this pathway did he come to understand that we are eternal beings who are co-creating with God, Jesus and the angels, spirit guides, not for them…

Along this path, Scott was guided to share their messages, publishing three books of the Whisperings and more recently the story of his inspirational spiritual journey. He calls it Awakening – Are you ready now.

All of Scott’s books are published under the pen-name Scott Elliott, the first two names given him at birth. Over the course of many years, Scott has also been helping others along their spiritual paths by hosting meditation groups, leading Whisperings workshops and offering spiritual counseling/coaching.

He is certified in all levels of Reiki including Master Teacher, certified as a oneness blessing giver and certified in hypnotherapy. In 2012 he was also ordained as an Interfaith minister and designs and performs dozens of custom weddings, memorials/funerals and baby blessings every year…

The wisdom of having walked such a path for over 25 years has also led him to be a sought after speaker,and spiritual coach/counselor.