Awakening – Are You Ready Now?

Awakening – Are You Ready Now?

Awakening is an illuminating true story of one man’s journey into spiritual consciousness. The story begins when the author who has been clairvoyant since childhood, is at a pivotal crossroads. It’s a turbulent time of loss, bankruptcy and divorce. While making an impassioned plea for God’s guidance, he asks about a beckoning he’s felt since childhood that there was something important he came into the world to do. Cynically he asks, “Is anyone even listening? 

Out of the silence, a profound yet loving voice speaks into his mind and asks this question. “Are you ready now?”

This talented story teller invites the reader on a fascinating spiritual journey as he allows the guidance of God and God’s messengers to Light his way forward. This amazing telling sheds new Light upon our relationship with God, with Jesus and the angels, revealing details about the vast complexities of a soul’s evolution, about spheres of consciousness, spirit guides, ghosts and more…

The revelations in this story are truly empowering and will have you reflecting upon your own life, perhaps making you wonder, ARE YOU READY NOW?

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