One In Love and Light & Our Mission

There is a quote below that one of our first spiritual teachers shared with us. It is something that we continue to apply in our lives today:

“I would not interfere with any creed of yours or presume to have all the answers. The way my feet must go may not be right for you. And so, I give you this spark of light which has been truth to me, to guide you through the dark but not tell you what to see.”  Author unknown

As life unfolds, there will be many teachers on our spiritual paths, and we feel that the mark of a “true” teacher is one who will guide us, but at the same time, help empower us with the wisdom and the tools to then find our own way.

Everything we convey in our teachings, is in alignment with this philosophy. As such, in an effort to inspire, guide, and moreover empower others in their lives, we openly share what we have learned while walking our own spiritual paths.

Spiritual knowledge is like a burning torch of truth, and when that knowledge becomes the wisdom that guides our choices, it lights the pathway to connecting with the divine self, with love and kindness, with peace and humility. This is where we are in alignment with God, the angelic realm and ascended masters like Jesus who watch over us and guide, and inspire us from that perspective.

Wherever your spiritual path leads you, we encourage you to allow the wisdom of your hearts to guide you forward centered in love. With regard to what we share, “Accept the best and gently leave the rest.” Another philosophy which has guided us throughout our lives. 
As we help ignite the Light of Love in your life, we encourage you to openly share that Light with others in an effort to awaken the world to the truth of our collective Divinity.