Our Mission / Intention

Our Mission / Intention

Spiritually awakening is like the lighting of an eternal flame. It is and always will be shining though us raising the vibration here on earth. Scott and Faith are spiritual way-showers, teachers, healers, Light Bearer’s that have dedicated over 25years of there lives to walking a spiritual path… In their words, “Our mission in life, is sharing the wisdom and knowledge that has come from having followed this path, empowering others who are seeking to move into a more spiritually awakened state of being and experiencing life.

When we do this, it raises our vibration and reveals the wisdom that guides our choices. It lights our pathway to being more fully connecting with the divine within and without, aligning us as we move through life with the vibrations of love and kindness, with peace and humility… This is where we are in alignment with God, with Jesus and the angelic realm, with ascended masters and spirit guides, all who watch over us and inspire us from that perspective.

Everything we convey from our coaching, in our teachings and in our healing work is in alignment with this philosophy.

Wherever your spiritual path leads you, we encourage you to invite the wisdom of your hearts to be in alignment with the divine, guiding you ever forward centered in love. With regard to what we share, ‘accept the best and gently leave the rest.’ Another philosophy which has guided us throughout our lives.

As we help ignite the Light of Love in your life, we encourage you to openly share that Light with others in an effort to help awaken the world to the truth of our collective Divinity.