Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is the art and science which focuses on stimulating the balance and flow of life energy within the human being. The term Polarity relates to one of the fundamental laws of nature, namely the attraction and union of opposites through a balanced middle point.

Think of the human body as an energy system like a battery or magnet. It has positive, negative, and neutral currents that flow through it. Polarity Therapy focuses on the flow of the very subtle high frequency energy which in the East is referred to as prana or chi, in the West as life force energy.

In order to maintain optimum health through the entire body, there should be an uninterrupted cyclical flow of energy throughout with no areas of excess, nor depletion.

During a Polarity session, the client typically lays on a massage table fully clothed, eyes closed and body relaxed. The practitioner will then place their hands on opposite sides of the body creating the polarity between the positive and negative points of connection. The client’s body is then gently rocked and moved as the energy flows between the two polarity points until balance is restored and flowing freely.

This healing modality can easily be incorporated into a massage, sound healing, or Reiki session.