Sound & Vibrational Healing


For centuries, sound, music and vibration was used by our ancient ancestors. This occurred on all continents for the purpose of spiritually connecting with the divine and creating healing on all levels. Like many Holistic modalities, vibration, sound and music therapy are now being recognized as valid therapies by our modern world.
Science is now finally validating what the ancient mystics knew long ago; that everything tangible and intangible is energy which vibrates at its own unique and measurable frequency! That includes every cell in our bodies!

What does this mean for us?
As vibratory beings, we each have our own unique and delicate frequency. These frequencies can easily get out of balance due to daily stress, illness, negativity, toxins (physical, mental, emotional) in our environment, even a lack of exposure to nature! Science now understands that being in nature is indeed restorative and healing to our mind/body/spirit. In a large part, that is due to the sounds we hear while being in nature! The sound of birds, the ocean, the wind, crickets, peepers… These are all healing sounds/frequencies that we need in order to maintain good health and balance. The vibrations one receives during a sound healing session is similar, offering frequencies we are missing in our everyday life. A session will help to restore balance and literally “tune up” the physical, mental and emotional bodies.


Sound travels in waves, through everything, even solid materials. It’s harmonizing frequencies help to activate the body’s natural healing ability on both a cellular and emotional level allowing for a deep restorative, rebalancing of the physical and energetic body.
As we resonate with sound vibrations, our brain waves shift, expanding our consciousness, allowing our mind to become more clear, and helping our nervous system come into a calm state of being.

A session begins with an evaluation of the client’s needs and goals regarding where they are out of balance, (physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Following the evaluation, the client is made comfortable on a massage table fully clothed. During the session various healing instruments (crystal bowls, chimes, Tibetan bowls, gongs, tuning forks. etc.) are used to create healing and meditative vibrations for the body and mind. The client’s job is to do nothing but relax, and simply allow the frequencies to flow through them, removing energy blocks and restoring the flow of energy throughout.

Following a session most clients report feeling a greater sense of clarity, peace and deep relaxation, while others feel more energized, with a more profound sense of connection with the natural world. Every session has a different effect, depending upon the clients state of being prior to the session.