Whisperings Vol 2 Old

The Whisperings books are not a read, but by divine design, a tool intended to offer enlightening guidance when we are seeking along our individual and collective spiritual paths. They were conveyed through Scott K Elliott by the divine; God, angels, masters, Spirit guides and more… When you are seeking understanding, or guidance, simply hold the book in your hands and bring yourself into a state of connection with the divine either through prayer or meditation. Then simply ask that guidance will be revealed that will serve your highest good, in and of the Light of God. Relax, letting go any other thoughts, and when you are ready, randomly open the book. Countless people have claimed that when they follow these steps, the message of the Whisperings, feels like it was written just for them. When one reads them, it quickly become evident that they are not contrary to any religion, nor postulating one. They are merely enlightening revelations that guide us when we are seeking. They help us grow through a greater awareness as to who we are, why we are here, and how we are actually co-creators of our own evolution, as people, as spirits and as a world consciousness. Take from these Whisperings that which truly speaks to your heart, and know that what has been shared with you comes in and of the Light of Love.